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Second Life

Tangs in Second Life?

Link to [full article]( (subscribers only) Yesterday I received a call from a Straits Times journalist who told me briefly about Tang’s plans to launch a virtual store in Second Life, and asked for my thoughts on this. I learnt… Continue reading →

INSEAD in Second Life

I paid a visit to INSEAD in Second Life. It is cool that my business school has a campus there and is using it for real lessons. This is because we are an international school, with campuses in Europe (France),… Continue reading →

You can downgrade it, but still pay the full price

[As mentioned earlier](, I was stuck in Second Life limbo after cancelling my credit card details as I didn’t want to continue being a premium member. However they locked me out of Second Life entirely, saying I had to pay… Continue reading →

SL account disabled!

I just tried logging into Second Life, after a hiatus due to laptop problems and being too busy… only to be told that my account has been disabled! Grr. What happened: After joining Second Life, I upgraded to a paid… Continue reading →

State of Play – Interview with Michael Wilson, CEO

My interview with Michael Wilson, CEO of, a PG13 virtual world.

I’ll be There

Tried out another virtual world just now – []( It felt easier to install than Second Life, and there didn’t seem to be as great a lag either. However the target audience is teens, and very obviously so. If you… Continue reading →

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