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Meme: Which Science Fiction books have you read?

Ivan tagged me, so here are the science fiction books I’ve read so far. Not very many. According to the meme I must bold the titles I’ve read, so here goes: The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien – er,… Continue reading →

Books I’m currently reading

I was asked today what are my other hobbies apart from techy stuff and music. I was like, ermmmm …. hmmm …. reading? But I haven’t completed reading anything for a while. You see, I am reading the following books… Continue reading →

Ambient Findability

Just picked this interesting book up. Considering how impressed I was with Adam Greenfield‘s SXSW presentation and book, Everyware, this was another extension of the theme. Flipping through Ambient Findability, some extracts reminded me of the thought process I currently… Continue reading →

Movie and book review

Since I’m suffering from an ailment that begins with the letter ‘D’, resulting in frequent trips to the loo, I’m back at home. Anyway, it’s about time I updated this blog! Movie review: Brokeback Mountain Last week, I watched Brokeback… Continue reading →

Book deliveries!

A little cheer to a busy week – a new shipment of books arrived today! Some books were consumed freshly, right after opening the package. First in line was a book by Paul Arden, ‘It’s not how good you are,… Continue reading →

The Historian

What’s white, and re(a)d all over? Elizabeth Kostova’s international bestseller, The Historian.* I bought it on Saturday and just finished reading it. Considering that I have not had patience to read a complete work of fiction in a very long… Continue reading →

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