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Going old school

Like someĀ others, I’ve experienced a tech reversal of sorts. Instead of buying all my books via Kindle (which still is rather convenient), I have found myself enjoying print books more. Print allows me to feel more engaged on each page…. Continue reading →

Working with Emotional Intelligence –

Currently I’m reading Working with Emotional Intelligence, which is Daniel Goleman’s follow-up to his hugely successful book, ‘Emotional Intelligence’. Here’s an excerpt which is relevant to the work I’m currently handling. As we endeavour to improve information flow, we must… Continue reading →

The Undercover Economist – uncovered

[Tim Harford](, otherwise known as the [Undercover Economist]( and author of the same-titled [bestselling book](, was speaking about how he came to write his latest book, [The Logic Of Life]( He has a [Financial Times column]( and appears on the… Continue reading →

His father’s dreams

I picked up Barack Obama’s book, [Dreams From My Father](, and started reading it this evening. The story of how a smart Kenyan man met a shy American girl in the University of Hawaii is in itself remarkable, considering it… Continue reading →

Thoughts on the closure of library@orchard

I’m sure some of us felt it was a pity that the National Library Board (NLB) was closing down its popular Orchard branch on 30 Nov 2007. Having said that, I like how NLB launched its Orchard blog and openly… Continue reading →

The End of Poverty: How We Can Make It Happen In Our Lifetime

The End of Poverty was a book I picked up last year. Its optimistic title caught my eye, intriguing me to attempt reading it, despite sucking at economics in Junior College. What makes someone brilliant is not just his depth… Continue reading →

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