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Spot the errors – FT

Whenever I had the time to read the entire Straits Times from cover to cover I would occasionally chance upon a typo somewhere. However, I had much higher expectations of international and British newspapers. I was thus surprised to find… Continue reading →

I’m fed up with “Obama is a Muslim” emails

I have relatives in the US who are staunchly Republican. That’s fine by me; I also believe in free trade and less aid, even if I’ve supported Democratic candidates for the past decade. What I don’t appreciate is receiving messages… Continue reading →

Finally, a Democratic nominee

Finally, Barack Obama has [clinched the Democratic nomination]( At the start, he wasn’t expected to win. Hillary Clinton was viewed as the presumptive nominee. She had the Clinton name recognition and a popular former president as husband. This campaign was… Continue reading →

People Digg Obama

Look at [Digg’s US Elections page](, and it’s all about [Barack Obama]( at the moment. It’s generally positive news about him, and if there is mention of Hillary Clinton, it’s negative. The hottest article right now is one by the… Continue reading →

Waiting for Super Tuesday

I can’t wait for Super Tuesday. It will settle a lot of things – knock out the remaining minnows and strengthen the frontrunners. It will allow everyone to focus on the stronger candidates and we’ll see the difference between Republicans… Continue reading →

Speaking up for Obama

I am not an American citizen, but today I played my first role in helping to set the record straight on one of the leading candidates. After listening to Barack Obama’s speech in 2004 in support of John Kerry, I… Continue reading →

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