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News and politics

Goodbye Bush, Hello Obama

In class yesterday, our professor was using the example of the presence of mafias in certain countries to indicate a weak rule of law. So we covered the usual suspects – Italy, Russia, China and some Eastern European countries. Then… Continue reading →

Young McCain and Obama

I knew McCain was a dashing Navy officer, heavily decorated for his service including his time as a Prisoner of War (POW). I learnt from [this Arizona news website]( that: He was married to his first wife Carol for 14… Continue reading →

McCain and Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live

Good stuff! Even though McCain’s probably going to lose the election, he is able to carry off a lot of funny lines. Obama won’t get me roaring with laughter, but when McCain’s more his maverick self he can be likeable…. Continue reading →

US Electoral Vote map

I love cool gadgets like these. Hang on to your seats, world. An exciting new President is coming in!

Thoughts on the economy and elections

More action is happening on my [INSEAD blog](, and even more action is happening in the library (boo!) but I thought I should pen down some quick thoughts about current situations: On the current economic crisis Tempting as it is… Continue reading →

American politics through a French lens

To wrap up my French revision for the night, I went to [ ]( read a spot of news in the beautiful language. Not surprisingly, the home page had a photo of Barack Obama and his newly-announced running mate Joe… Continue reading →

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