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Discovering Roy Ayers

One of my favourite acid jazz songs is ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’. As a beginner to acid jazz in my university days, I listened to compilation CDs and thought the song was written by The Quiet Boys, until I heard… Continue reading →

Rehearsing for grandma’s birthday

I and two of my cousins played at my grandmother’s birthday dinner on Saturday. These are recordings from our rehearsal on the day itself. It was a last-minute affair, since we were ‘volunteered’ for it! Violin and piano rendition of… Continue reading →

GarageBand Singapore group

[Ivan](’s just started one. Sign up at the [new blog]( I am actually more of a Logic Pro user but I did use GarageBand initially when I got my first Mac. Thanks to integration by Apple, which bought over Logic,… Continue reading →

Is Today’s Big Money in Cross-Media Licensing?

SXSW music panel. Katrina Carden McMullan, Bill Hochberg (moderator), Jessica Darraby. [Official description:]( This panel will explore legal and business issues arising from nontraditional uses of music-related intellectual property (music and graphic art copyrights, trademarks, band names and rights of… Continue reading →

Enhancing Digital Retail

SXSW Music panel. Panelists: Justin Sinkovich, Richard Gottehrer, Chris Fagot, Ted Cohen *[Official description]( Digital retail is a growth market, and recent developments are encouraging for artists and labels alike. While rights management systems have not disappeared entirely, customers are… Continue reading →

The Blog Factor

SXSW Music panel. Panelists: [Gerard Cosloy](, [Amrit Singh](, [Sean Adams](, [Maura Johnston](, [Carrie Brownstein](, [Jason Gross]( *[Official description]( Music blogs have emerged as tastemakers by incorporating unfiltered opinion, audio/video playback, and immediate publishing. As their initial impact expands into the… Continue reading →

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