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Charlie Haden and Quartet West

You have to be thankful for the Mosaic Music festival. Decades ago, it was unusual for big acts to come to Singapore as part of a series; now the young generation can take it for granted. It seemed like that… Continue reading →

My new jazz band

We just met last Saturday and we’ll be having 2 more rehearsals before the school concert. We’re so new, we don’t even have a name yet. Sounds drastic? Well, we’ve been practising on our own and finally are merging our… Continue reading →

Revisiting my classical past

Before I [switched to jazz piano](, I was a classical pianist. My mother found me at the Yamaha organ, playing a song by ear. She said I was just 2 years old; I thought I was closer to 4 as… Continue reading →

How I rate music in iTunes (and how it can be applied to other aspects of life)

Throughout my life and work, I’ve found that ratings are subjective. You can use quantitative methods to make the methodology more objective, but often these are based on qualitative assessments as well. Of course, if you are looking at something… Continue reading →

Maxwell’s new album

About 10 years ago, as a university student, I was influenced by the likes of nu soul artistes such as Maxwell and Erykah Badu. They have greatly influenced how I write and produce some of my own music. Now, Maxwell… Continue reading →

Music studio fixes

I intended to spend my 4-day break fixing my home music studio, which has been experiencing various malfunctions. In August, my faithful G5 PowerMac suddenly couldn’t start up. I tried everything suggested in the help forums (Apple and unofficial) and… Continue reading →

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