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Movie reviews

The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

I just watched the latest Mummy movie. Overall I’d give it 3/5 because it is entertaining. However, the plot is predictable. Inevitably, the heroes are lured back into mummy-hunting, leaving a trail of explosions behind them. Potential spoilers ahead…

The Dark Knight

Just watched [The Dark Knight]( By now this comes as no surprise, but Heath Ledger was diabolically good as the Joker. I think had he still been alive, people would have praised his performance, though being dead somehow gives an… Continue reading →

881 the movie

I watched 881 today. I heard it was doing much better than another local movie I watched recently, Gone Shopping. The cinema we were in, at Great World City, was about half full on a Monday night All this while,… Continue reading →

Gone Shopping: The Movie

What’s it really like to be a tai-tai (rich housewife), with shop assistants at your feet, a nice house and limitless credit? What’s it like to shag a Cosplay chick who calls herself Princess Hayumi? What’s it like be abandoned… Continue reading →

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Monoceros and Overacuppa, and it was smashingly good! I’d watch it again. And perhaps one more time! And I’d buy the DVD too. I’m not even a rabid Potter fan… Continue reading →

Spielberg, Jackson to produce Tintin films

We interrupt this busy schedule (of mine) to announce that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson will collaborate to produce and direct a series of Tintin films! (alerted via Digg; go vote) Fans of the French reporter and little white dog,… Continue reading →

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