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How to make your work more enjoyable

After a buildup of thoughts, experiences, discussions and observations, I’ve come to the following conclusions: Even if you’re very busy at work, always set aside some time to: 1. Stretch, take a drink of water, get some fresh air, look… Continue reading →

A plethora of management thoughts

It’s difficult these days to blog about work, but work is what I’ve been mainly caught up with. Perhaps I can refer to general ideas which many of you may identify with, without being very specific. My concern, as always,… Continue reading →


To get a job, you need some aptitude. Usually that comes in the form of qualifications. However, to keep your job and do well in it, you need something more: Attitude. Attitude makes other people want to help you, even… Continue reading →

Likelihood of MBTI types becoming managers

I’ve been reading the book ‘[YOU – Being More Effective In Your MBTI Type](’. The book indicates the percentage of the population with each MBTI type, as well as the percentage of managers represented by each MBTI type. So I… Continue reading →

Management quotes: On compensation

Since I am now waiting for some important decisions to be made, I’ve spent time tidying up my domicile, producing music, meeting up with friends, tweaking this blog’s design and finally reading all the management books that I didn’t have… Continue reading →

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