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On Leadership

I’ve had thoughts on leadership for some time, and decided it’s time to pen them down.  In this post, I refer to two types of leadership – one without the inverted commas, which to me is real leadership, and another… Continue reading →

How to show you’re being ‘strategic’ without actually needing to use that word

Being ‘strategic’ is a good thing – provided that you can also execute your strategy to achieve the outcomes you want. But we may mistakenly believe that labelling the titles of our projects and the work in our appraisals as ‘strategic’… Continue reading →


Few thing bother me more, in a professional setting, than to be told, “I don’t know… I’m only in charge of this silo… Someone else is handling the other silo…” With seniority comes greater responsibility. And if you want to… Continue reading →

On making presentations

Lately, we’ve had lots of food for thought about making presentations. It made me look back at what I was doing, just over a year ago, and wonder whether things have really progressed for me since then.

On counting chickens and watching pots boil

Recently, I and others have observed, with a mild sense of bafflement – and subsequently, bemusement – a certain pattern of behaviour that seems to be increasingly pervasive among the new Generations Y and M, who feel they are entitled… Continue reading →

Thoughts on relationships and tasks

While observing the interactions of different groups over the years, I have hit upon an answer as to why: 1. Some Asian parents provide a lot for their children but wonder why they are unable to bond with them (I… Continue reading →

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