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La Bonne Vie


Today I met my family at the Charles de Gaulle airport and drove them to Chablis. There was a big accident on the A6 highway because all cars stopped moving for 30 minutes, and people got out of the cars… Continue reading →

Au revoir

It’s nearly 3am and I’m still thinking about my French class. As [blogged previously](, I meant to start at an easier level but due to a scheduling mistake by Alliance Francaise, I was put in a more difficult class than… Continue reading →

Green beer…

… to go with my eggs and ham. A drink of note at SXSW 2008. Then I discovered they also serve green beer in Singapore. At the [Red Dot Brewhouse]( Now all we need is a Green Day album to… Continue reading →

Beauty World, the musical

I’ve long heard of Michael Chiang’s play but on Saturday I finally got to see it in musical form. I was quite proud to see homegrown productions take off. The music was good, the acting was humorous without being overdone,… Continue reading →

St. Regis – a first look

I visited St Regis today. It officially opened yesterday. It looks even better on the inside. We wanted to have tea. So we walked up to the receptionist who was standing in front of a nice-looking dining area, alongside a… Continue reading →

Graniph T-shirts in Singapore!

While at Bugis Junction this afternoon, we discovered that Graniph, a popular arty Japanese T-shirt store, had just opened today! I got myself a Helvetica T-shirt. When I wear it (probably with jeans and sneakers), I will feel just like… Continue reading →

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