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The Worthy Woman of Business

A couple weeks ago in church, we were told that a special speaker was coming to preach at the 6pm service at a certain date on ‘The Worthy Woman of Business’. I perked up. That might give me a better… Continue reading →

A belated thank you

Just as I was about to drive home from school today, I received a missed call from an unfamiliar number. Normally I do not return such calls, as often it’s a case of ‘wrong number’. But this time I decided… Continue reading →

Hacked again

I learnt that over the past week, [my church website]( was hacked with the image of a flaming monkey on the home page. That image was quickly removed. This morning I was informed that our Joomla templates were messed with,… Continue reading →

Starting backwards

Today’s sermon was the last in the series on [Ecclesiastes]( It’s a sobering book which can sound pretty depressing, summed up by the phrase “Everything is meaningless!”. This tone of despair sounds strange as it comes from King Solomon, who… Continue reading →

God’s vessels

I have come to a realisation. Through God’s grace over the years, my work has been featured in the press. That has in turn made it easier to gain support for subsequent new media projects. In a very small way,… Continue reading →

Baptism anniversary

I just realised today’s 6 April. I was [baptised]( 5 years ago, to this day. And it’s also a Sunday today! Baptism is the outward sign by which I show my commitment to Christ. However it is what’s inside that… Continue reading →

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