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Letter to God

This is homework for my bible study group. We’re each supposed to write to God about the first time we experienced Him, and subsequent times. I thought it would be useful to post this on my blog. Dear God, You… Continue reading →

Do we need Apologetics for our faith?

As a born-again Christian who had some personal encounters with God, I have found it challenging to explain things to other people who have neither the inclination to know God or believe He exists, or believes in the Christian version… Continue reading →

God gives and God takes away

This Christmas, three of my friends encountered very different life-changing experiences. First, just before Christmas Day, I was elated to hear that a close friend of mine was going to become a mother. My longstanding prayers for blessings have become… Continue reading →

In someone else’s shoes

Sometimes I leave the office, full of thoughts in my head about how I’m going to juggle several projects, manage downwards and upwards and so forth. Then I go somewhere else, and see what real problems are like. And all… Continue reading →

The ultimate gift of Christmas

Leading up to Christmas, I found myself influenced by different instincts and feelings of obligations. This made me wonder just how close to the spirit of Christmas they really were, and how far I had drifted from the true spirit… Continue reading →

Easter in a song

I was just listening to a Brian McKnight album named after our common star sign, Gemini. Then I realised one track was about Jesus’ crucifixion. Wha – ? An R&B track entirely about Christ? So I Googled it and found… Continue reading →

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