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Geeks and gadgets

Apple’s tablet – what will it look like?

The Wall Street Journal investigates a plethora of possible mockups and rumours.

Black: a collection of objects in my life

Bought this at the cool stationery shop at Orchard Central. I like the envelope, which can hold scraps of paper. Designer hole puncher, bought at the same shop. Black cotton buds. An old black Casio watch which tells me the… Continue reading →

My latest toy: Eye-Fi

Darling R bought me a new toy, a wireless SD card that automatically uploads photos to a photo and video-sharing website of your choice. A happy distraction for me, in an otherwise uncertain month.

New HP notebook shaves off the inches and the price

I was invited to the launch of the new HP Pavilion dv2 Series Entertainment Notebook PC at Supperclub. Make that two notebooks actually, one in black and one in white. Which do you prefer? White. Black. Backlit keyboard. Separate Blu-Ray… Continue reading →

Happiness is a geek with gadgets

In the middle of class today (yes, I had full day class on a Sunday), I took out my MacBook Pro. Soon after that, a Taiwanese classmate sitting at my table extended her hand and shook mine, enthusiastically. She thanked… Continue reading →

MacBook Pro out of disk space!

Somehow, in [less than a year]( I’ve managed to fill up my MacBook Pro’s 250 GB hard drive. In a relatively short period of time I’ve accumulated a lot of photos and videos, and as a student I’ve saved lots… Continue reading →

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