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The end of the personal laptop?

The last personal laptop computer I purchased was my MacBook Air, circa 2013. It replaced a 15-inch Macbook Pro which I purchased in 2008 during SXSW. I decided to switch to the Air due to its portability and the speed of… Continue reading →

Reviving a drowned iPhone

Last Thursday, my iPhone 6 fell into the office loo. Amazingly, it still worked right after I retrieved it, but the screen flickered when I typed on it. I turned it off and tried to dry it out with the toilet… Continue reading →

My new iPhone 6!

Yes, I was one of the lucky ones who managed to register my interest for Apple’s new iPhone 6 and book an appointment before everything ran out of stock. I’m a longstanding SingTel customer and while my experience with them… Continue reading →

What Samsung can still learn from Apple

As a loyal Apple user for many years, friends were surprised that I had decided to switch to a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition – what a mouthful!) last year. It was mainly because I like to draw, and… Continue reading →

Clearing the air about purifiers

It is a known fact in Singapore that air purifiers and N95 masks will be in hot demand during the haze season. We may, however, be less aware of the air pollution in other countries which may be caused by… Continue reading →

I’ve got the iPad…

… and I can’t take my hands off it! It arrived last Friday, and I’m getting addicted to it. So much that I didn’t even bother to Tweet it, or Facebook it or upload any photos to Flickr – until… Continue reading →

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