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For the love of the game

Give more of our youth a sporting chance

Nominated MP Dr Ben Tan, a former sportsman and gold medallist in sailing, recently opined about a widening gap in the attitudes of Singaporeans and Westerners about sports. In Singapore, we seem to take things to extremes. Parents ask doctors… Continue reading →

World Cup 2010: Supporting the right values, not just the team itself

I’ve never been a supporter of teams simply because they look like sure-wins. Instead I look at their fighting spirit and potential to grow together as a team. If they win, it’s a bonus, but my loyalty will remain –… Continue reading →

Why I Love Arsenal

These lads aren’t just big on the field, they’re also big-hearted, raising money for a children’s hospital. And they look adorable in their furry costumes! Nicknames I’ve thought of for each of them, based on what they’re wearing: – Theo… Continue reading →

Kim Clijsters: How focus wins the game

If you watched the US Open ladies’ semifinals match between Kim Clijsters and Serena Williams, you’d have witnessed a stark contrast in mindsets. At some points, it was a close match. But what won in the end was emotional intelligence…. Continue reading →

Thoughts on Scolari’s sacking

I was about to hit the sack but was jolted by the news that [Chelsea just sacked Scolari]( There are numerous academic journals that discuss the efficacy of sacking football managers on the basis of improving performance. Some look for… Continue reading →

Lexus Cup 2008 – Day 3

Day 3 began nicely. I arrived at the club early enough to catch captains Annika Sorenstam and Se Ri Pak tee off at the first hole. Before that I was videoing and photographing all the players at the driving range,… Continue reading →

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