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Code warrior

Modus operandi

I’ve started to wonder increasingly what my ideal modus operandi would be, and how I can find or create the most optimal environment for it. For one, I like sharing information. However, I’ve learnt over the years that not everyone… Continue reading →

The new Google Analytics reviewed

I’ve been using Google Analytics for a while, and was absolutely thrilled to hear they were upgrading the services. After waiting with bated breath for a few days, my account was upgraded. After a quick look-over, here’s my take on… Continue reading →

Coming up…

I am working on more detailed blog posts on the following topics, which are of great /increasing interest to me: Web 2.0 – How it is the mindset (of sharing, collaboration, contribution etc) and not just the technology that makes… Continue reading →

Back to Performancing?

I just installed version 1.3.5 of Performancing for Firefox. All’s well so far. No hanging, hooray. OK, here come the tags… Technorati Tags: technorati, performancing, firefox, tagging

Second test post using Ecto, with tweaks

I’ve tweaked the formatting for tags. Let’s try again. In the words of Cartman, “Respect mah authority!”   [OK, removing all the tag formatting has led to a ‘server error’. I don’t think I like this program. I may go… Continue reading →

Test post using Ecto

Based on an old recommendation by Steve Rubel, I decided to try out Ecto. Since I tag some of my posts manually I thought why not try some software that tags things for you. Previously I used a Firefox extension… Continue reading →

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