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Follow, unfollow

[I’ve been on Twitter]( [long enough]( (980 days) to notice a trend in how people are followed and unfollowed. At a superficial level, there are plenty of relatively new Twitterers who seek popularity by following lots of people, in the… Continue reading →

Abuse of my email address!

I logged in to Gmail this morning to discover that a large number of bounced emails from email addresses I don’t know, in response to an email that I never sent. It was a fake AdWords email asking these strangers… Continue reading →

Extending Gmail

I’m catching up with Gmail blog posts and thought [this tip]( was particularly useful. You can modify your Gmail address when you give it out to different organisations, so the next time you get emailed (or spammed) you know who… Continue reading →

Facebook improves privacy options

Just saw this when I logged into [Facebook]( Maybe Mark Zuckberg did listen to the hisses at SXSW initially meant for him (before the audience turned on the journalist for being more annoying). Check out the new [privacy page]( and… Continue reading →

St Georges website update

After weeks of feeling things were out of control, I said my prayers and my eyes were opened to all the bugs I had missed previously. Now most of the design elements are working fine. As of 20 minutes ago… Continue reading →

No old fogies in this church

Our church website presentation was generally fine. I only had the past week to figure out the stylesheets and templates and make some changes. Considering my working hours and band practice, I’ve probably only spent several hours on it. We… Continue reading →

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