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Another Page turns over

Soon after blogging about Border’s closure in Singapore, we were hit with news that another popular bookstore, Page One, was exiting the Singapore market. Another crying shame, even more because Page One was a homegrown company that seemed to have… Continue reading →

A Life without Borders

Borders, as everyone should know by now, has closed its chapter in Singapore. Many of us took for granted that it would always be there, and it was said that this branch was more profitable than the stores in the… Continue reading →

Meeting the BBC

Last week, I was invited, as part of a select group of bloggers, to dinner with the BBC’s Economics and Business editor, [Jeremy Hillman]( Jeremy and I happen to come from the same law school, and he just completed his… Continue reading →

Ask yourself these questions

These are the thoughts that have been running through my head for the past couple of years. I’ve finally put them down. Think of a project or cause at work which you’re publicising or trying to sell to customers. Now,… Continue reading →


After [hearing]( about another [misquoting incident]( in the local media I thought I should share a similar incident which also happened recently, to a classmate of mine. A few weeks ago I [reported]( that one of my classmates made it… Continue reading →

Stereotypes about my country

While preparing my Organisational Behaviour presentation on stereotypes, myths and truths about our respective countries, I found myself collating more negative than positive points about being Singaporean. Actually, my groupmates and I took turns to talk about pros and cons… Continue reading →

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