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Linklove from Cowboy Caleb

Just checked my [Mint]( stats and discovered lots of [linklove]( from [Cowboy Caleb]( Seems that my recent post on [Feedback to PR teams]( may have generated some interest among other local bloggers. As I mentioned then, I don’t mean to… Continue reading →

Feedback to PR teams, from a blogger’s perspective

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve received 3 invitations to technology and arts-related events. I appreciate the attention, but would like to pass on some feedback to public relations teams: Send invitations in advance, not at the last minute Two… Continue reading →

Movable Type for iPhone

I’m blogging this via iPhone right after installing the [iMT plugin]( This creates an iPhone-friendly interface for blogging. I can easily create a new post, check comments and view my latest entries. Installation was a breeze, although a couple of… Continue reading →

En route to Terminal 3…

The NTUC Comfort taxi driver taking me to Changi Airport wasn’t the usual uncle-type of person. He was young, inquisitive and made interesting observations instead of remaining sullenly quiet throughout the trip. So I asked him how long he’s been… Continue reading →

Ogilvy Verge – recap

On Friday I was on the blogger perspectives panel at Ogilvy’s Verge conference. Went OK though feedback was we tried to cover too many different topics in a short space of time, thus it was a bit disjointed. I felt… Continue reading →

Ogilvy Verge – Singapore 2008

I am honoured to be speaking as a panelist at [Ogilvy’s Verge digital summit]( in Singapore today at CHIJMES. It will be quite exciting. [As with Yuhui](, I’d really like to see representatives from the three Internet giants – Microsoft,… Continue reading →

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