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Moving over to WordPress

Yes, I finally decided to stop procrastinating, shake off the dust and switch to WordPress. Simply because I don’t like how Movable Type seems to have become entirely commercial when there is an alternative out there that is popular, easy… Continue reading →

Consolidated thoughts

Again, it’s been a while since my last update. Every time I think of this blog, I wonder whether it is time to bring things to a close. It’s not easy finding a common theme for this blog anymore, as… Continue reading →

Nothing to hide

Recently I was updating different groups of seniors (including an elderly relative) on how information can be easily found on the Internet, say, about myself. In fact, someone did discover my online profile prior to meeting me, and I was… Continue reading →

Famous fiction, in Twitter format

Saw this at a bookshop today, and decided to buy it. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are a couple of excerpts: Milton’s Paradise Lost Shakespeare’s Macbeth So don’t think I’ve totally stopped reading fiction. See,… Continue reading →

Still in France

It’s been 3 weeks in France already and the food is great. I don’t miss Singapore food at all (Let’s see if this can last for 2 months). The breads, the cheeses, the wine, the champagne are all good. And… Continue reading →

Moving to WordPress?

This blog’s back up again, but the spammers are still hitting my MT comments file, according to my web stats log files. I’ve just blocked several more IP addresses, all coming from Nevada / Las Vegas. I apologise if there… Continue reading →

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