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iPhone enhancements

Just upgraded my 2G iPhone to firmware version 2.0 and man, it rocks! The new Address Book has a search feature. The Calendar interface has improved. Buttons to view list / daily / monthly are now at the bottom of… Continue reading →

iPhones sold out

In case you’re wondering: No, I did not get a new 3G iPhone while in the UK. See the poster. Sold out. And this was at a telco shop in Bristol, not even the main Apple store at Regent Street,… Continue reading →

Xiaxue’s iPhone review

Don’t get me wrong – I love my iPhone. However, I think [Xiaxue’s iPhone review]( is totally hilarious and should be taken in the right spirit. She has a point about the fingernails part, but overall her critique is nothing… Continue reading →

MacBook Air = chick magnet

Yesterday evening, [Walter](, [Ivan](, [Lucian]( and I met for dinner and drinks at [Brussels Sprouts](, a place I’ve been wanting to try for a while. In the midst of our conversations, I whipped out my iPhone and demonstrated all the… Continue reading →

Alexander meets my MacBook Pro

Alexander is attracted by my red-clad MacBook Pro, and ventures towards it. However, there is no fear! For MagSafe, [protector of notebooks]( and small children, is here! Alexander meets MacBook Pro from Vanessa Tan on Vimeo.

My iPhone (photos)

Here they are, finally… after restoring my old laptop’s hard drive.

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