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My new iPhone 6!

Yes, I was one of the lucky ones who managed to register my interest for Apple’s new iPhone 6 and book an appointment before everything ran out of stock. I’m a longstanding SingTel customer and while my experience with them… Continue reading →

Fairer App ratings

Apple has restored fairness to a system that I felt was being abused. The App Store, which allows users to browse and download Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, [no longer accepts ratings from those who haven’t used the… Continue reading →

MacBook Pro out of disk space!

Somehow, in [less than a year]( I’ve managed to fill up my MacBook Pro’s 250 GB hard drive. In a relatively short period of time I’ve accumulated a lot of photos and videos, and as a student I’ve saved lots… Continue reading →

My iPhone 3G!

Yes, I finally did it. I am now the proud owner of a 3G iPhone, 16GB. I chose black, even though the 8GB model only comes in black, because while white looks unusual, I might get tired of it. Black… Continue reading →

Review of iPhone French-English dictionary app

For the past few weeks I’ve contemplated getting a multiple language dictionary. I found a couple of possible models at Funan and was considering the price tag (between S$500-800). I wondered if it was worth it and whether I’d really… Continue reading →

Review of iPhone free apps

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