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IE7 may bust millions of websites

Someone from usability company Etre wrote in to inform me they that conducted a study on many corporate websites to see how the new Internet Explorer 7 displayed them. Turns out that many of these websites are busted. I haven’t… Continue reading →

SXSW 2007 – Pick your panels!

It’s time to pick potential panel topics for SXSW 2007. One person, one vote. Might I add that the new SXSW site looks much better than the previous version and we can select our panels via a drag-and-drop technique. (AJAX!)… Continue reading →

Web Standards Meetup – the time is ripe

A couple of people signed up recently and I was prompted to check out how many people in Singapore were interested in a Web Standards meetup. I was impressed. Shall we? [Another question – where exactly can we meet up?… Continue reading →

Going to print

Eric Meyer’s latest article on how he improved on Alistapart’s print styles, is an excellent read for those interested in the technical aspects of printable web pages. When designing our organisation’s online newsletter, I decided to create a print stylesheet… Continue reading →

Practice what you preach

I generally agree with much of what web usability guru Jakob Nielsen says, but get the impression he’s pretty stubborn about applying his principles to his own website. Wouldn’t it be great if he could demonstrate how usable websites can… Continue reading →

On replying to all

Those of you on AppleCentre Orchard’s mailing list must be amused lately by the messages from other recipients who thought that “replying to all” would somehow get them off the mailing list. One reply started the chain, and to date… Continue reading →

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