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Listening to the voice in my MacBook Pro

I have no idea what key I hit, but suddenly, Alex’s voice is everywhere. When I open a new Firefox tab. When I close one. When a popup message appears. When I open System Preferences (to see if I can… Continue reading →

Twitter’s invalid code

There I was, happily ranting away about Web Standards again when Ryan Lin pointed out that my page had XHTML errors. Eep! How did that happen? Firstly, I missed a couple of stray ampersands in my ‘Asides’ column. I’m usually… Continue reading →

Alistapart design survey

If you’ve ever done web design before, do take this survey. Some of the answers I gave made me smile, because it’s been years since my job title was ‘web designer’. While web designing is not my main role anymore,… Continue reading →

Notes from revamping my church website #2

Today I got home from work late, had dinner and started designing a mockup for my church’s new website. At work, I am more of a project manager/New Media-PR person than a designer, but every now and then it is… Continue reading →

Websg meetup #2

Lucian has summed things up nicely on the main WebSG blog. I arrived late but managed to catch the last bit of Yuhui‘s presentation. Then I finally got to see what Chu Yeow looked like. In the past few years… Continue reading →

First Web Standards Meetup, Singapore

The first Web Standards meeting in Singapore took place this evening at Raffles Girls’ School. The turnout wasn’t large, but new friendships were made, and I could now put human faces to personalities I’d been conversing with online, for years…. Continue reading →

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