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I have redesigned this blog! OK, I didn’t do most of the designing. All I did was tweak the CSS and move some template code about. The amazing thing about [Movable Type 4]( (MT) is that it allows me to… Continue reading →

Testing revamped look

Just testing. I discovered a magic button in Movable Type 4 that can wipe out all my old templates (which have accumulated over the years like tartar on teeth). Please bear with any strange, inconsistent visuals because I have a… Continue reading → back online!

After a series of errors, I have finally upgraded my blog to Movable Type 4.1! *fanfare* It appeared that the main culprit was a corrupt database. Thank God that I didn’t lose my data and instead, the database was repairable…. Continue reading →

Blog’s back up!

My web host, A Small Orange, has been pretty reliable. They give value for money, and have been able to fix my problems. However, the server hosting my blog went down a few days ago. While my web pages were… Continue reading →

Breaking the 200 mark

After breaking the 100 mark earlier this year, I thought I could maybe break the 200 mark at the end of the year. But Christmas comes early sometimes. Thank you to those who’ve subscribed to this blog!

Old homepages revisited

Spurred on by what happened, as described in my previous post, I revisited older versions of my site and read old blog posts, set in old design templates.

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