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Finally revamped

It took a couple of server errors over the past day to prompt me to finally unveil the revamped blog I’ve been working on. Just moved it out of hiding from a subfolder, backed up my old blog pages, played… Continue reading →

Trouble posting comments?

I’ve received a few reports that comments can’t seem to be posted on this blog. I tested it a few times and it seems to work fine, even when not logged into Movable Type. So please let me know if… Continue reading →

Bizzare happenings on my blog

Weird things have been happening on my blog. As I haven’t even had time to tinker around with it, it obviously wasn’t my doing 😛 Firstly, [Strangeknight]( told me that my blog was down. I checked, and it was. My… Continue reading →

Hit by comment spam

My blog was bombarded with comment spam an hour ago, and I could not log in to update anything because all the database connections were used up. My web host has since blocked all IP addresses that were attempting to… Continue reading →

Sending you flowers

Subscribers to my feed will now have a little extra somethin’ – my most recent [Ma.gnolia bookmarks]( Ma.gnolia is a product of [Zeldman](’s [Happy Cog Studios](, and is similar in nature to [](, except that it looks prettier. Of course,… Continue reading →

Parsing fancy

After upgrading to Movable Type 4 templates, I’m still sorting out some kinks that pop up every now and then. The most recent kink was spotted by [Jimmy Liew]( who noticed that my Feedburner feed hadn’t been updated in a… Continue reading →

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