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A day in the life of…

Pregnancy – heading towards the home stretch

I’ve actually been in pain for the past few days. Being pregnant and in my final trimester has resulted in the accumulation of a number of minor problems – what I’d like to call ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’…. Continue reading →

How I nearly had a facial (but didn’t, because I’m pregnant)

Some time ago, I bought a facial package from a company that was apparently permitted to call me because I was a Citibank customer. While they were a bit pushy, I liked their treatment so I decided to purchase 10… Continue reading →

On Lee Kuan Yew

There are so many articles, eulogies, blog posts and even tweets about the passing of the great man, that I was almost turned off from writing anything, as it would have just been seen as another brick in the wall…. Continue reading →

Going old school

Like someĀ others, I’ve experienced a tech reversal of sorts. Instead of buying all my books via Kindle (which still is rather convenient), I have found myself enjoying print books more. Print allows me to feel more engaged on each page…. Continue reading →


There is something missing from the vocabulary of the inexperienced and immature, and that is the ability to think before speaking and to choose appropriate words that do not demean specific types of people. Even if the words are supposedly… Continue reading →

“What’s your name?”

We live in a condo. Whenever I bump into my neighbours I’d usually say “Hi,” and engage in some polite but brief conversation – as much time as the next stop in the lift would allow. The neighbours who live… Continue reading →

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