Like some¬†others, I’ve experienced a tech reversal of sorts. Instead of buying all my books via Kindle (which still is rather convenient), I have found myself enjoying print books more. Print allows me to feel more engaged on each page. Print also works better where a lot of graphics are displayed, allowing my eyes to view more content at a glance compared to the limited screen space of an ebook reader, where content tends to get reformatted.

I also went traditional in other ways. So what came through in our latest Amazon shipment was:

Value Proposition Design

Business Model Generation

and my early birthday gift for myself Рa mid-priced Parker fountain pen. After seeing a colleague take notes using a fountain pen, with lovely cursive handwriting, I decided to revert to my 9 year old self (when we were all taught to write in cursive and use fountain pens).

More thoughts on these new items to come, in further blog posts!