This is homework for my bible study group. We’re each supposed to write to God about the first time we experienced Him, and subsequent times. I thought it would be useful to post this on my blog.

Dear God,

You first came to me not in a flash of light or roll of thunder, but in a very gradual, almost invisible way. I was a child who had no awareness of God, since my own parents at the time did not pursue a religion. However I was fortunate to have a grandmother and aunt who did. I would be brought to church and asked to pray.

One day, your Spirit touched me as I prayed, because I was filled with something wonderful. I felt uplifted and had no petulant thoughts inside me for a few days. Of course, at the time I had no idea I was benefiting from the fruit of the Spirit. I yearned to feel it once again but strangely, I don’t think I have been filled with that level of epiphany ever since.

Much, much later, you touched me gently many times through my classmates in Junior College who would give me Christian books to read. Similar things happened when I went to University, when some of the best friends I made there were Christians. I attended church with them and knew the Bible well, but you were still more in my head than in my heart. I volunteered my web design skills at church and was then encouraged to join Alpha.

It was finally the miracle of the bus that alerted me to your presence in a much stronger way. You spoke to me! And, like your sheep, I just knew it was your voice. What you told me to do, I immediately obeyed and sure enough, there was the stranger that needed my help.

You returned in later years to save me from evil attacks, which only served to draw me closer to you. You filled me with calm when I was approaching a state of panic in the night, because you told me you were already here with me.

In a way I’m sorry that I haven’t heard your voice in a while. But hopefully it’s because I’m not so ‘thick’ anymore that I don’t notice your presence in other ways, like through other people. Possibly though, it’s because I may have hit a plateau and taken you for granted again. You know I’m trying to overcome this by becoming more organised and putting you first more often. All I ask now is that you touch my husband and son (and any future children we have) in ways that will make them respond best to you, so that we all can be a God-centred family.

Thank you, God, for everything.