Yes, I finally decided to stop procrastinating, shake off the dust and switch to WordPress. Simply because I don’t like how Movable Type seems to have become entirely commercial when there is an alternative out there that is popular, easy to set up, and free. I’ve stopped working on (or managing projects regarding) websites since 2008 and become a working mum, so the last thing I want to do is grapple with more code.

I wouldn’t have minded paying if I perceived a far greater value in what would be given to me. But I don’t fancy the idea of unzipping and uploading tiny bits of CGI scripts to different subfolders. MT is just no longer my oyster… and neither is PERL. (Code geeks are supposed to laugh here)

Some things unfortunately will get rejigged, like the permalinks. However I hope to put an end to the comment spam by requiring commentors to use their Facebook accounts. And I also hope to have closer integration between my blog and my Facebook account, which is far more active.