You can downgrade it, but still pay the full price

November 9, 2007 1:09 AM | Comments (7) | TrackBacks (0)

As mentioned earlier, I was stuck in Second Life limbo after cancelling my credit card details as I didn’t want to continue being a premium member. However they locked me out of Second Life entirely, saying I had to pay them the renewal fee, which I had opted to pay annually.

I couldn’t even downgrade my account until I entered my card details which would result in an automatic payment - which I didn’t want!

So I wrote in. I have to commend Linden Labs for the quick reply to my query, but this situation sounds silly. Read this (I have [deleted] some parts due to privacy issues):

Hello Vantan,

Thankyou for contacting Linden Lab support regarding the issue of wanting to downgrade your account.

I will be able to help you downgrade your account to a basic account but this is not going prevent you having to pay the your annual fee.

Due to our policy, you will still have to pay the $72 because you did not cancel premium membership before your account fees were due.

I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience but it is company policy.

[Security verification questions deleted]

If you can provide me with the above information then I can downgrade your account for you.

If you have any further questions you can contact myself or one of my colleagues.

Regards, [name deleted] Linden Lab support

So this is a warning to the rest of you on paid accounts who are also thinking of downgrading to Basic membership - remember to downgrade your account before cancelling your credit card details!

At this rate I might as well renew my membership for one year! What the heck. I’ll just get lots of Linden pocket money.

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Hetep and Respect Venessa T tnx for the heads uP! I am one of your followers on Twitter for second life info, I made a good choice.

I like you side bar. Where do I get the Twitter box and the Nike + box?

I dugg U and stumbled U, tnx again

Aunk out

If you really need a second life, just open a (new) second account. I have 4.

Hi Aunk Rau, thank you for the Digg and Stumble! Great to hear from someone at NewsVine, I am a user there too.

Get your Twitter box at

Get the Nike box at

Hi Kelvin,

I've got too many Slurls, contacts and Linden $ with my existing Avatar to want to create a new Avatar.

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