I’m sure some of us felt it was a pity that the National Library Board (NLB) was closing down its popular Orchard branch on 30 Nov 2007. Having said that, I like how NLB launched its Orchard blog and openly discussed it. The last time I borrowed books, it was from that branch. Having a library in town, near where I live, was very convenient.
I first heard the news of the closure on the radio, and almost couldn’t believe it. But considering the soaring property prices, I can understand how a commercial landlord would want to raise its rates. Thus, the lease is not being renewed (correct me if my assumption is mistaken). At least there’s a chance it may relocate to another part of town. An NLB-MCYS alliance sounds quite powerful.
Looking at the summary slides (using Slideshare, no less), the Orchard branch did fulfil one its objectives for me – “To woo back the inactive young adult library user into the public library system”. I was a very inactive member, not having borrowed books since I was probably in Secondary school. The key was convenience and having another bookworm friend take me the library.
However, most of the time, if I want to read a book, I buy it. The pressure of completing a book within an allocated time usually puts me off from borrowing them. I have lots of half-read books lying around. It’s a bit like leaving newly-opened bottles of wine to air. I blame it on the Internet, which gave us bite-sized information, making longer text more intolerable for me to consume in one sitting.
Still, I digress. It was good while it lasted. All I can say now is, thank you for being there.