There I was, happily ranting away about Web Standards again when Ryan Lin pointed out that my page had XHTML errors. Eep! How did that happen?
Firstly, I missed a couple of stray ampersands in my ‘Asides’ column. I’m usually quite picky with invalid URLs, but was so excited to hear that Prince William was single again (yeah right), I forgot to modify the URL accordingly. Heh.
However, there were still so many bugs! It turned out that my Twitter badge was the main source of errors and warnings, due to the use of ’embed’ instead of ‘object’ tags. I tried switching to the Javascript version, but it too had errors and warnings. I started reading Flash Satay on A List Apart, and managed to reduce a number of errors, but it wasn’t enough as Twitter had many other parameters that were still considered invalid.
I cried out for help – where else but on Twitter… and help came in the form of Dominik Schwind who kindly pointed me to another website which had exactly what I was looking for. Although it was entirely in German, thank God that HTML, like LOVE, is a universal language. So I was able to modify my own parameters – which this dude cleverly separated out – and voila! No more validation errors!
Thanks a lot guys… solved this within 45 minutes 😉 Geek power rules.