Lucian has summed things up nicely on the main WebSG blog.
I arrived late but managed to catch the last bit of Yuhui‘s presentation.
Then I finally got to see what Chu Yeow looked like. In the past few years he empathised with my not being able to use Firefox, while I ogled his handiwork at Bezurk and the fact that he wrote a book on Firefox.
Lucian gave his talk on Microformats which you can read about in more detail here. I remembered he was blown away by Tantek ร‡elik’s presentation at SXSW last year. This year I may attend a panel on the latest microformats, also featuring Tantek. Haven’t had time to plough through all the panels and arrange my schedule. Yet.
In between talks, I was distracted by this extension of Kevin‘s. I mean, the video camera he strapped to his head. He used it to take a video of all of us. I looked disillusioned due to something else which happened earlier that day. Still, he managed to make video interviews with some of us, including myself. You can tell I am obviously shorter than Kevin. Off the top of my head, quite literally.
I also got to meet Veron of Sparklette, and Brennan! Gah, these people are so much younger than I am. The usual suspects Ivan (our ‘host’), Coleman and Preetam were there too.