How to rawk SXSW

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Min Jung Kim, Photobucket

Panelists (left to right):
Tantek Çelik, Chief Technologist, Technorati
Glenda Bautista, Technorati,
Andrew Huff, Editor & Publisher, Gapers Block
Nick Douglas, Director, Look! Shiny!
Lynne d Johnson, Senior Editor,,
Tony Pierce, Editor,, personal blog at

Good panelists, light-hearted discussion. Even Tantek suggested having some fun by pointing us to this page on his website. They went through the items in the goodie bag, but I've already done that for you.

The panelists recommend using Twitter (read about what people are saying about SXSW right now!), Dodgeball, Consumating, SXSWbaby, Laughing Squid. Have a LinkedIn profile.

They do advise tagging your SXSW photos in Flickr. Suggested tags are sxsw, sxswi, sxsw2007, sxsw interactive.

The panelists said that parties are good to attend especially if they're sponsored, because you get free food. Heh. What's good is the Pluck party right after the Web Awards on Sunday. Also recommended was the Blogher party. I think I'm going to check out the Bloggies on Monday (come on, Singapore!!). I definitely want to go back to Fray Cafe because I had a great time last year. I'm curious about Parish of Jazz, 20× The Yahoo! Bartab party sounds good too.

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