Second Life makeover

January 19, 2007 2:03 AM | Comments (4)

I decided to pop by Second Life a couple nights ago before my bedtime. One of my virtual friends was online as well. She messaged me, we teleported to meet each other, and she took me shopping in Second Life!

Some of you know that I hate shopping, unless it's related to gadgets, books and music. I dislike shopping for clothes. Also, I don't believe in colouring my hair (in real life).

However, after viewing a gazillion possible new hairstyles and colours, and going to another huge virtual store that sold lots of trendy clothes, I succumbed and gave my Avatar a makeover.

The old me:
Parading about in the Consumer Health Information library

The new me:

So I'm like, officially blonde now. Forgive me if I start behaving differently. Ooh! And I coloured my nails too.

I'm contemplating buying an Asian skin that matches my own complexion, as well as darker hair. Then I can make my Avatar look like the real me. But the skin I wanted was over L$2000 which will eat into my virtual savings. I'm told there are cheaper skins around, so I will hang on to my Linden dollars and keep on looking.

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Yo Babe! ;) We should arrange to meet online sometime too!

Hmm... I've nothing against blondes. Just that I prefer the old VanTan Avatar, even though I know it's just an avatar. Maybe 'cos the image of "VanTan in SL" is ingrained in my mind, since I'm quite a visual person.

I like the old VanTan Avatar look compared to the new one.

wow wow wee wah!

going from a short bob to long lux blond waves and from a long black 1 piece to a mid-drif bearing, a deep v-neck top, mmmm, me thinks someone has certainly become a sexy confident vamp, virtual world or otherwise! ;p

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