Moonjumpers session #2

January 15, 2007 1:53 AM | Comments (1)

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We had a smashingly good practice session yesterday evening. To loosen us up, our teacher told us to concoct a bassline and play in unison, taking turns to solo. Our bassist came up with something funky, I said let's go and this is what we got.

We haven't met up in half a year since our last drummer quit, so considering all factors I was happy our random practice sounded like this.

The band, as you hear them:

Joseph - drums. He's the new drummer, I dare say he's the best I've worked with so far. He's only like 17 but can play almost anything we throw at him. Yeah!

Richard - bass. Quick to learn, knows how to vary his style, and hardworking. (I think I'm the laziest one in the band!)

Me - piano. My main improvisation is at 3:09 if you want to hear me out. I like stronger melodies in my improvisation, rather than just random notes.

Nicol - keyboards, synths, sound effects, she can do it all. We have great respect for each other.

As our school concert is coming up in June, I don't want to broadcast the actual material we're gonna play (that's also not confirmed yet). But I'll put up samples every now and then of other stuff we're jamming.

[Yes, this was recorded using my Xtreme Mac Micromemo, attached to my video iPod]

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For a warm-up piece, it sounds quite good. The rhythm is catchy. The drum sounds very steady. The bass sounded unsure at the start but found its way later; melded quite nicely with the rest. The piano piece sounded quite polished; distinct melody. The synth was strong and polished too; could be louder. Overall, it sounded catchy. Nice work. I certainly would have problems improvising and would be full of wrong notes :)

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