Micromemo for 5G iPod reviewed

December 24, 2006 8:51 AM | Comments (2)

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Listen to this podcast episode of me talking about my latest gadget acquisition, XTreme Mac's Micromemo for 5th generation iPods. This episode was recorded, naturally, on the Micromemo, then downloaded to my Mac and converted to mp3 (128kbps).

Apart from compression, no editing was done, so please excuse my 'ums' as it was 2am and I was nearly brain-dead trying to remember what I had to say without a script. I'll work on my speaking technique.

Tell me what you think of the recording quality, the podcast itself, whether you've tried other gadgets, and so forth.

(Background info: In a previous post, I contemplated choosing between this model and other models by rival brands Belkin and Griffin.)

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Hehe you sound so "formal", like a news reporter (I never listened to any of your previous interviews, btw).

But keep it up! You may yet become the first techie Singaporean podcaster of note!

For a podcast without a script, I thought it was very well done. The "uhms" didn't bother me too much. Sounded like you got into the groove after the initial part. The quality of the recording is excellent. Very clear and true to how your voice sounds in real life (no distortion). Surprisingly no ambient noise too (perhaps you have a good soundproofed room). Recording was clearer when you had the recorder nearer, but that's not to say that the recording is poor otherwise. Yeah, you sounded formal but I guess that's your style. I was wondering if a verbal podcast session should keep to under 5mins. Maybe it's just me.

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