World Cup - France v Switzerland comments

June 14, 2006 1:47 AM | Comments (0)

Wasted two hours of potential sleep by watching the France-Switzerland match. To be fair, neither team was particularly bad. However neither team was exceptionally good, either. So it was very much a deadlock.

The refereeing was inconsistent, said the commentator. There was some confusion in the Swiss camp when Thierry Henry left the pitch for treatment after falling down near the goalpost. One Swiss player was booked for not putting the ball out of play. In fact, several players were booked today.

It would be a waste to have so many yellow cards and not a single goal. Their other group rivals would be happy with this result, actually - because players with yellow cards have to be more cautious. Also, they only take a point each.

France will definitely not make it to the last four of the World Cup at the rate they're going. They seem to miss top scorer Djibril Cisse (who has a broken leg), as their other strikers were ineffective today.

I will not be watching the Brazil match, but I do expect a victory. It may not be by a huge margin as they aren't playing against minnows. It should be an exciting match.

South Korea did a great job against Togo, coming from behind. Ahn Jung-Hwan may once again rouse his country and team for another great World Cup finish.

The best match I watched yesterday/two days ago would be Australia v Japan, where the Socceroos came from behind to score two goals. It was a tight match, lively to the end.

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