VanPod dies

September 26, 2005 10:16 PM | Comments (2)


VanPod (March 2004 to September 2005)

"I have shone the blue light. I have run my course. I have kept the faith."

VanPod displayed warning symptoms for many months. Despite a drastic increase in stamina (from 8hrs to just 30mins), it performed its duties faithfully.

Yesterday afternoon, VanPod struggled to perform basic functions. It was unable to play most tracks, skipping past songs continuously.

Last night, its condition deteriorated further and it was unable to display its main menu.

It was rushed into Intensive Care, but was unable to connect to its big brother Mac, so no synchronisation or firmware updates could be done to resuscitate it.

Past experience with other people's iPods which died a similar death, and the quotes they received from Apple's service centre, as well as a consultation with a resident hardware expert, indicated it was not financially feasible to pay for a new heart (battery) and brain (hard drive).

It is thus with some regret, and fond memories, that VanPod shall be retired. A new Pod shall be chosen within the week.

(An detailed autopsy was taken to examine the cause of death. View photos. )

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Hic Iacet VanPod. Requiescat In Pace...

So what now? Will VanPod II be a Nano? Although saddened by the death of an old friend, are you excited at the prospect of a shiny new iPod?

...Benedic, Domine, nos et dona tua, quae de tua largitate sumus sumpturi... -;o)

It is sad to see that a good piece of machinary is cheaper to replace than to repair. I just think of all the techno-waste sitting in the landfill or burnt.

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