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August 27, 2003 1:21 AM | Comments (3)

My Currently Reading list has returned - in a more graphical format. Curiously enough, indicated that I gave them a fair number of clickthroughs over the past few months. So to better track which titles my readers are interested in, I've decided to make the online bookshop a permanent fixture in my listings. Like anyone's gonna buy anything >;-P

You can view the new list (in experimental mode) here, on the home page, complete with my personal ratings. I'm reading way too many heavy books at the same time - this isn't even the complete list!

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Babes, I'm impressed. You have the time and energy to read. I'd love to read more books...sad case, finished first book in a long time last night/early morning (it was riveting!) but only because I was on leave day after.

I'm interested to incorporate one into my blog as well. Hey can borrow your Google Hacks or not? :)

After I'm done with it ;-)

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