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I am a Singaporean, a Christian, a blogger, a musician and Arsenal fan. I appreciate good design in all forms, including structures and processes. I have a wide range of interests, and have different groups of friends based on these interests.

I founded the Gahmen Bloggers and am a member of the Media Socialists. We aren't left-leaning; it it just a group name for those of us who practice social media.

As of July 2009 I am an MBA graduate from INSEAD, the Business School for the World. I have a separate INSEAD blog which I may periodically update. At INSEAD, I learned that my Meyers-Briggs profile is ENFJ, which may give you more insights into my personality.

You can contact me here, or leave a comment on the relevant blog post.


Van, it's me, Larissa :)
How are you my dear friend?
Anyway, that's my online-add above so pleas drop me a note whenever yeah?
take care....

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